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Rwanda The Land of a Thousand Hills

The Republic of Rwanda is a landlocked country in central Africa. It has an area of 26,338 km2 and is bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Due to its infinite mountains, the small nation of Rwanda is known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills.” The Virunga volcanoes in the northwest are among the most spectacular mountains in the world, and amid the bamboo woods there are some of the last mountain gorillas in existence.For a change of scenery, Lake Kivu’s shoreline hide some of the continent’s greatest interior beaches, while Nyungwe National Park safeguards vast expanses of montane rainforest and is home to several primates. But Kigali, the capital, is secure and modern, so it’s not all chaos.

Sure, the term Rwanda may conjure up images of the horrifying genocide that ravaged this nation in 1994, but it is now history, and the nation has embraced a bright and optimistic future. You’ll be made to feel very welcome, and Rwanda’s economy is once again mostly driven by tourism.

Rwanda Population

This country has one of the greatest population densities of any nation in Africa, with a population that surpassed 13 million in 2017. Although discussing tribal affiliations is very forbidden in Rwanda, the country’s population is thought to be around 84% Hutu, 15% Tutsi, and 1% Twa. A Central African indigenous community known as the Twa has endured prejudice for many years, but it is gradually regaining its political and cultural standing.

Rwanda’s Parks & Reserves National

Only a tiny number of national parks are present because of the country’s small area and the great demand for arable land. Volcanoes National Park, a collection of foreboding volcanoes that serves as a haven for the endangered mountain gorilla, is the most well-known “protected area (and the subject of most tourists’ trips to Rwanda). One of the best places in the area to see primates is Nyungwe National Park, a tropical montane forest. Following habitat loss during the civil war and postwar “villagization,” Akagera National Park, the third of Rwanda’s parks, is recovering. Its astonishing rebound includes expanding animal populations and the reintroduction of both lions and rhinos.
Gishwati Mukura National Park, Rwanda’s fourth and newest national park, was created to prevent forest encroachment and to safeguard a small population of roughly 30 Chimpanzees that are currently under habituation.


A little over 25% of people practise tribal faiths, often with a dash of Christianity, another 65% or more are Christians of different sects (Catholicism is popular), and the other 10% are Muslims.


The Intore troupe is the most well-known dance group in the Country, and they are known for their warrior-like performances that are accompanied by drumming that induces hypnosis, much like the Tambourinaires of Burundi. Environment The Place It should come as no surprise that unending mountains extend into an indefinite horizon in the “Land of a Thousand Hills.” The 26,338 sq km of land in Rwanda is one of the densestly inhabited locations on earth, and practically all of it is farmed (except the national parks). This requires a lot of terracing since mountains make up the majority of the nation. Plantations for coffee and tea occupy considerable amounts of land.

Eats & Drinks

Cuisine in it’s rural regions is fairly similar to food in other East African nations. Fish including Tilapia and Nile perch, goat, chicken, and beef brochettes are popular meats, although the main ingredients in most meals are ugali (maize porridge) and matoke (cooked plantains). Rwanda’s French heritage shows through in the well-prepared Continental-inspired plat du jour (daily special) served in the cities.

Lesbian and Gay travellers to Rwanda

Even though it’s East African neighbours are far more homophobic than it is, there is still a lot of prejudice towards homosexual individuals in this country. It does not prohibit same-sex relationships, but that is about it. Homosexual individuals are not given any protections or privileges, such as partnership, and despite several efforts by religious organisations, gay sex has not been criminalised. Homosexuality continues to be a taboo issue that most people just never talk or think about, just as it was in Kenya and Uganda ten years ago. There are various gay-friendly places in Kigali, however, internet networking is your best chance if you want to meet people. However, always use caution and only meet individuals in public areas.

Highlights of visiting Rwanda

  • Hiking the Virungas’ wooded slopes in Volcanoes National Park will give you a chance to see mountain gorillas and golden monkeys up close.
    Nyungwe National Park searching for colobus monkeys and chimpanzees in moist rainforests.
  • Kigali Genocide Monument: At this chilling museum and memorial, confront the atrocities of the genocide.
  • Intore dance performance in the best museum in the nation, in Huye, at the ethnographic museum (Butare).
    In the much-overlooked resort town of Kibuye, you may relax on the sands of Lake Kivu while taking in views of the nearby islands.
  • Akagera National Park: Take a safari in this national park, where you may see the Big Five, which is fast replenishing.
  • Gisenyi: Unwinding at a beach resort, going kayaking on Lake Kivu, or riding a bicycle along the Congo Nile Trail.

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